Brass Band and Wind Orchestra Music on CD and DVD

Music by Obrasso

141 CDs of well-known brass bands, wind orchestras and brass ensembles have been recorded by Obrasso Records and are available in the online shop of the music publisher Obrasso.

Brass Band CDs have been produced by Obrasso since 1988, with brass bands from England, Scotland and Wales, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The most successful CD production was the series "World Hits 1-3". The records were released between 1993 and 1995 and sold more than 10'000 times. To this day it remains the most successful CD production of Obrasso Records.

The Swiss conductor Ludwig Wicki realised the popular CD series "Brass Cinema Hits 1-3" with the Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern between 1992-97. Over the years, the subject of film music for Brass Band has been taken up again and again. This resulted in further CDs like "Epic Film Themes" or "The Great Film Heroes".

The Black Dyke Band has recorded two very successful CD series at Obrasso. From 1994-2012 "Spectacular Classics 1-8" CDs with works of popular classical music were realized. At the same time a classical series was recorded with "Fantastic Overtures 1-4".

Christmas music for Brass Band has also been immortalised on five recordings by Obrasso.

Obrasso has released 27 brass band CDs to date. Besides marching music, a considerable part of the entertainment repertoire has been recorded by Obrasso. All CDs have been digitalised over the years and are available in the most popular online stores such as iMusic, AmazonMusic, YouTubeMusic, Spotify, Deezer, 7digital and whatever they are called.

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