An Exciting Story, CD by Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg

An Exciting Story

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Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg
Toni Scholl
Music Sample
No. Track / Title Music Sample Sheet music
02Born Free
03You're The Greatest Lover
04Tyrolean Sounds
05Et si tu n'existais pas
06My First Love (based on a Theme by John Miles)
07Chica Linda - Beautiful Girl
08I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
09Swing Flags, Swing
10Autumn Leaves
11Happy Moments
12In His Hands
13Dances With Wolves: The John Dunbar Theme
14Tattoo On Stage
15Morgens um Sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung
16Boney M. - The Greatest Hits
17An Exciting Story
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«An Exciting Story» is a Concert Band CD by Obrasso. The CD was recorded 2009 by Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg and the conductor Toni Scholl.

The music label Obrasso Records belongs to Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland. The Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg has recorded a lot of music for Obrasso. The Sheet Music for Concert Band are available at Obrasso’s webshop.

All sound carriers are also available digitally on the popular portals of Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and other providers worldwide.